Appendix 2. Leaders - Exemplary Foresight Practitioners and Organizations

Futurist Blogs and Speakers

Futurists’ Blogs is a good starter list of 240 blogs by futurists or foresight professionals. Most are single author blogs, a few are multi-author or organizational. It is curated by personal foresight leader Verne Wheelwright. It includes additional individuals that also belong on the leader list above, but didn’t get there by press time.

Here are some speakers bureaus that list futurists and future trends speakers in Futurist/Trends category. Some of these folks are not yet on our list above, which was independently compiled. No speakers bureau lists foresight speakers by industry yet, as far as we know. A bureau that listed leaders in the Eight Skills and Twenty Specialties of foresight, and across all 154 Sub-industries of the Global Industry Classification Standard would be a great addition to our profession. It would bring more credibility and specialist experience and credentials to our field, and offer audiences many more specialist foresight speakers, by subject. Anyone want to launch that business for our community?

AEI Speakers BureauFuturists and Future Trends, (58 entries)
All American SpeakersFuturists (143 entries)
A Speakers InternationalThe Future/Futurists (40 entries)
Big Speak, Futurist Speakers (62 entries)
Capital City Speakers (IL, USA)Futurists & Future (31 entries)
eSpeakers, Futurists (91 entries)
IMG SpeakersTechnology & Futurists (23 entries)
International Speakers BureauFuturist (62 entries)
London Speaker Bureau (UK)Futurist & Technology (55 entries)
National Speakers Association eSpeakers, Future (31 entries)
Premiere SpeakersFuturists (82 entries)
Shaping TomorrowFuture Voices (60 entries)
Speak, IncFuture (118 entries)

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