Chapter 12. Futureworthy – Ideas for Entrepreneurs

Chapter 12: Futureworthy

Ideas for Entrepreneurs

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I. Futureworthy – Collecting, Sharing, and Refining Your Best Ideas

II. Great Ideas for Entrepreneurs

Ballistic Shield
Bioinspiration Wiki (Biomimetics & BID)
Brain Preservation
Competing Governmental Services
Computer Adaptive Continuing Education (CACE)
Conversational Deep Learning Devsuite
Drones and Droneplanes (Sky Delivery and Sky Taxis)
Dynaship (Sustainable Cargo Ship)
Electromagnetic Suspension
Epigenetic Health Test
Fireline Explosives and Ember Drones (Fire Control)
Global English
Inflatable Packaging
Internet of Families
Kidpods (Recycled Toyboxes)
Kidspace (Daycare)
Less Lethal Weapon
Noise Pollution Reporter
Oceanside Bath
Open Internet Radio
Open Internet Video
Open Source Blood Scanner
Package-Pet Door and Smart Doorlock

Personalized Smart Agent (Sim)
Safe Closet (Fire, Earthquake, Assault Proof)
Safer Car (Self-Driving Later)
Safer Motorcycle (Self-Driving Later)
Safer Private Plane (Self-Driving Later)
Shared Value Insurance
Sleeperbus and Microhotel Network
Smog Indoor Air Scrubber
Social Debater and Consensusmaker
Social Ranker
Solar Desalinator
Space-Based Solar Power (for Stratellites and Weather Control)
Stratellites (Better than Satellites for Just about Everything)
Touch DNA Home Security
Uplifting (Domestic Species)
View Tower