Chapter 14. Resources - Media and Tools for Better Futures

Audio and Podcasts

Podcasts and audiobooks are great for commutes or exercise. Try Amazon’s Audible for audiobooks,  and for podcasts, iTunes if you can tolerate its DRM, or Google Play if you don’t mind its smaller selection. Let me recommend just two podcasts to start.

Future Thinkers, Obsessed with All Things Future: Singularity, Tech, Spirituality, and Philosophy
Hosts Mike Gilliland (@mikegilliland) and Euvie Ivanova (@euvieivanova) are two insightful, accelaware futurists living in asia (Vietnam and Bangkok respectively). They have a refereshingly humanistic take on the singularity, human empowerment and spirituality in a world of accelerating change.

Review the Future, Technology’s (Accelerating) Impact on Culture.
Hosts Ted Kupper (@tedkupper) and Jon Perry (@perryjon) are two more smart and accelaware young futurists, based in Los Angeles, CA USA. I enjoy their insights on the way our lives and work are being impacted by accelerating computing, communication, automation and nanotechnologies. Though their assumptions about biotech and longevity are far too optimistic for my tastes, as discussed in Chapter 2.

The Edge: The Power to Change Your Life Now, Tony Robbins. Google Play.
A great quick intro to Robbin’s approach to taking control of our inner feelings, thoughts, and beliefs, improving our health and energy, and using a vastly better inner world to practice better foresight and action in the outer world. If you don’t already think you’re in a peak emotional and mental state, and even if you do, I recommend this 2 CD overview of his world view and toolsets. If you find this as valuable as I think you will, make the commitment to read his entire classic 512 page book, Awaken The Giant (Within), 1991/2013. Very likely that will be one of the best investments you’ll ever make.

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