Chapter 2. Exponential Foresight – Guiding Our Extraordinary Future

Chapter 2: Exponential Foresight

Guiding Our Extraordinary Future

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I. Acceleration: A Universal Perspective

A Great Race to Inner Space: Our Surprisng Future
Running Down & Up: Our Physical & Virtual Univrs
Physical Accel: Densif. (STEM Comp) & Dev Sing
Virtual Accel: Demat. & Natural Intell (Tech Sing)
Intell, Immunity & Morality: An Intro to Evo Devo
Trees, Funnels & Landscapes: Views of Accel. Chng
Our Necessary Nanotech & Quantum Future
Our Intelligent Infotech & Singularity Future
We’re On a Runaway Train: Being Accelaware
IDABDAK: Social Response to Accel & Developmnt
A Brief History of Accel. Awareness: 1600-1964
Acceleration is No Longer Ignorable: 1965-1999
Acceleration Studies: 2000 to the Present
A Great Gift: Being Acceleration & Evo Devo Aware

II. Exponential Foresight

STEEPS: A Better Way to Monitor Change
Technology Acceleratn: Ten Areas of Tech Change
Exponentials Database: Measuring Accelerations
Societal Convergences and Decelerations
TINA Trends: Societal Evo Devo
Natural Computing & Intell. (Bio-Inspired AI)
Natural Security & Morality: Keeping it Together
Smart Agents & Personal Sims: Brave New World
Mediated Reality and Groupnets: The Agent Envir.
Next Economy: Tech Unemp., Sims & Basic Income
Agent Protopias & Dystopias in Eight Industries
Life Pres., Simmortality & Mind Melds: Uploading I
Brain Preservation and Reanimation: Uploading II

Evo Devo Planet: The Global Superorganism
The Transcension Hypothesis: Our Final Frontier?
A Great Shift: A Survival to a Sentient Economy

III. Exponential Activism

Universality: Three Levels of Exponential Activism
Protopia: Five E’s of Social Progress
Evo Devo Foresight: Eight Abilities of Complexity
People vs Machine Spd: Fabians, Tech Un. & BIG
Dystopias, Risks, and Failure States
Science Accelerations: Positive and Negative
Technology Accelerations: Positive and Negative
Economic Accelerations: Positive and Negative
Environmentl Accelerations: Positive & Negative
Political Accelerations: Positive and Negative
Social Accelerations: Positive and Negative
A Great Opportunity: Exponential Empowerment

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